Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Are There Any Nude Beaches in Costa Rica?

Although not classified as 100% nude beaches, Costa Rica has a few options if you like to sunbathe in the buff!  From secluded areas to more widely known enclaves, there are places in Costa Rica where you can wander around as Nature intended: without clothes.

Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Nude beaches are becoming more popular and Costa Rica has its share.  Although Ticos (Costa Ricans) have more of a Catholic background, it is usually not them who frown when someone attempts to show a little more skin, but rather other tourists!  To be on the safe side, if you want to go bare head to one of the following destinations:

  • Playitas Beach at Manuel Antonio National Park

At Manuel Antonio National Park the lush tropical forest combines with the beautiful coastline.  Beach-goers at Manuel Antonio can easily spot monkeys, sloths, kinkajous and many other species right from their first-row seat on Manuel Antonio’s gorgeous beaches.

North to the Manuel Antonio Beach, the park’s main and most popular beach, there is a small strip where you can find quite a few women basking topless and some others going in the nude.  Manuel Antonio’s Playa Playitas was actually ranked among the Top 10 Sexiest Nude Destinations in the world just recently.  This beach strip is also widely popular among gay travelers.  Playitas Beach, or “Playa de Playos” as it has been nicknamed by locals, is kind of Costa Rica’s “unofficial” male exclusive nude beach, and for sure one of the country’s best known gay-friendly destinations, just as the rest of Quepos and the Manuel Antonio areas.

  • Playa Grande on the Nicoya Peninsula

The southern Pacific tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is home to Playa Grande, Costa Rica’s second best known “clothing-optional” beach destination.  Playa Grande is located a bit north of Montezuma Beach, a more bohemian destination that is very budget-friendly and attracts a wide array of the more liberal kind of traveler, from backpackers, to hard-core surfers, to world wanderers and the like.  Playa Grande pulls the liberal crowd to a more secluded, yet full of life, stretch of beach where art, surf and the option to go bare is the common scene.

  • Secluded beaches to the North or South

It is of general knowledge in Costa Rica that the farther north or south you go, you’ll encounter more secluded beaches and fewer people.  In the harder-to-reach beaches you’re pretty much on your own, so losing your clothes in solitude might be a plausible option.  You definitely want to keep in mind that although you don’t spot anyone in the foreseeable distance, that does not mean you might not be in the clear sight of hikers on nature trails so common around Costa Rica.  As long as you are not offending anyone, choosing to leave clothes “optional” should not get you in trouble.

Although this piece does not intend to encourage anyone to strip down in Costa Rica, and going naked outside major hotels and public areas is definitely not accepted, you can be sure there is a part of your body that you can keep in the nude at all times in Costa Rica’s hot beach destinations… YOUR FEET!!

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4 Responses to Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

  1. Mark says:

    Great to hear that nude beaches are alive and well in Costa Rica. We went to CR last winter and didn’t find anything but we’re not ready to give up so easy. We’re on our way back and it looks like we’ll be heading to Manuel Antonio National Park.

    • Alberto says:

      there is no nude beaches in Manuel Antonio. The one in this article were closed because a big hotel was built just in front. Women can sunbath topless if they want, but not nude.

      • PEP says:

        Will be at the Westin Playa Conchal- so OK where do we go
        Is there any where close to enjoy nude sunbathing an snorkeling
        Tks PEP

  2. Kim says:

    Has anyone found where to go for Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

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